About us

We specialise in the problematic, the really awkward, and the seemingly hopeless sites.

It’s not that we’re trying to make life difficult. It’s just that we see possibilities where others see only problems.

Our background and capability as a construction company enables us to understand sites in detail and make informed proposals. Our structure as a private business means we can make decisions with confidence.

We are a family business, but also a professional one. We invest in the professional and personal development of all members of the team, and we pride ourselves on the high level of service we offer to every client.

Founded by Mark Anderson in 1987, The Anderson Group employs 400 people and now has a planning consented land bank in excess of 1,000 plots and therefore the business will grow substantially in coming years fed by further strategic sites.


When you start in the footings of construction you see everything, from the ground up – including opportunity.

We began in groundworks, and if that wasn’t tough enough, we quickly developed a capability for remediation – cleaning up sites prior to the first phase of construction.

On that foundation we built a solid business in construction, working as subcontractors for the major developers in the region.

Thirty years of experience in remediation, groundworks and construction, combined with a talented and directly employed workforce, put us in a strong position to tackle development projects that others found too difficult to attempt.

We began buying land that developers or landowners considered too problematic. Our approach is practical – seeking the best proposal for the site and its context. It is also inclusive – we consult widely to develop proposals that meet local needs first. Uniquely, our delivery is comprehensive – we undertake all aspects of the project, seeing it through from initial planning to build and completion.

Latest News

With 400 people and more than 20 projects running there are always lots of stories, but not too many dramas.

Anderson Group can be seen at work and, equally importantly, at play in our regular newsletter.

We reward service, performance, and imagination. We encourage experimentation, reward dedication, and support both the communities we are part of and along with this support many charities.

August 2016 Newsletter
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February 2016 Newsletter
The Apprentice Issue

April 2015 Newsletter
Post Xmas Party 2015 – Laughter, dancing and magic

April 2014 Newsletter
An Interview with Mark Lever. The CEO of The National Autistic Society chats about their involvement with the Anderson Group and his own journey with autism.


The Anderson Foundation

There are plenty of good excuses for not giving, but no good reason.

The Anderson Foundation is a charitable fundraising organisation formed in 2003 by Mark Anderson, Chairman of the Anderson Group, to make substantial donations to a range of charities in the UK.

To date, the foundation has raised more than £2.5m, and supported the NSPCC, The Marina Dalglish Appeal, Breast Cancer Research, Help for Heroes, and The National Autistic Society for which we are now undertaking the delivery of a £15 million specialist education centre in Chigwell as referred to in the case studies.

There are many supporters of the foundation who give generously throughout the year, but the main fundraising effort is focussed on its two annual events: the Anderson Foundation Summer Ball and the Anderson Foundation Christmas Luncheon. Both are grand occasions, in luxurious venues.

In addition the Anderson Group’s employees frequently take part in fundraising activities, individually and severally, attracting sponsorship for an array of physical challenges.

For further information about the Anderson Foundation please visit www.andersonfoundation.co.uk