Meet the Team.

Ever wondered what exactly an Anderson Management Accountant does – especially one who’s travelled extensively and spent two years working in Canada before joining the business? Wonder no more…meet Adam Bedingham.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

My dream when I was a young boy was like many, to be a professional footballer.

What did you do before working at Anderson?

Before working for Anderson, I worked in a mix of different industries. I started my career in a live music company which was involved in the finance for a variety of venues and festivals. I then spent a couple of years working in Canada within a dealership of light construction equipment. After returning to the UK, I went to work for a modular building company that built offsite modular offices, education buildings and homes.

What does an average working day at Anderson involve?

For me there is no average day, my tasks vary by day, week and month. As an accountant, I have my set tasks including banking, account production, VAT returns, subcontractor payments etc. However, there are always ad hoc tasks arising. Having been at Anderson a relatively short period of time, there are always new things for me to learn. This is also added to by the fact that Anderson is always trying to drive forward and improve how it operates, which creates new and exciting opportunities.

Since returning to work after the initial Covid-19 lockdown, numerous changes have been made around the workplace. How have you and your colleagues adjusted to the changes and how important is it to you personally to adhere to measures?

Things have been very different since returning from the initial lockdown. The changes made in the office have been fantastic in ensuring everyone remains safe. These range from the initial back to work inductions and the new desk layouts, to the sneeze-screens which make me feel very safe coming into the office. Like many, Covid-19 has had a big impact on my friends and family. Therefore, it’s vital we continue to adhere to the measures and minimise risk.

Employees of Anderson often refer to the Anderson way of doing things. What does the Anderson way mean to you?

For me, the Anderson way is trying to ensure everything is done in a safe, efficient and ethical way. Anderson is always trying to improve, whether this be by setting new procedures, creating efficiencies or implementing new technologies.

Share with us one thing your Anderson colleagues wouldn’t know about you?

My now wife and I converted a small people carrier into a bed on wheels and travelled North America for four months.