Meet the Team.

John Donnachie moved from the Army to Anderson to retrain under the company’s apprenticeship scheme. The 21-year-old footy fan values the comradeship of his colleagues and the skill sets he has picked up on the job during his two-year tenure. Although he’s a space fanatic, John’s feet appear to be firmly on the ground.


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

As any young boy, I loved football and becoming a professional football player was always a dream of mine.

What did you do before working at Anderson?

Before working for Anderson, I went to join the army. The lifestyle wasn’t for me though, so I decided to look for a job in construction. I’ve loved working for Anderson ever since.

What does an average working day for an Anderson apprentice involve?

No two days are the same for an apprentice as you’re constantly learning and furthering your skills. Whether that be laying kerbs, slabs and edgings etc. As an apprentice, the main thing is to turn up each day being willing and wanting to learn.

Since returning to work after the initial Covid-19 lockdown, numerous changes have been made around the workplace. How have you and your colleagues adjusted to the changes and how important is it to you personally to adhere to measures?

Since returning from lockdown, a lot of changes have been put into place to make the working environment safer for us workers. It’s been very important that we adjusted to these changes quickly to minimise the risk of us spreading Covid-19. For me, as a young person, it’s still vital I follow the guidelines and do my bit to protect those who are at high risk.

Employees of Anderson often refer to the Anderson way of doing things. What does the Anderson way mean to you?

Working for Anderson always gives a sense of comradeship, as we’re constantly aiming for the same goals. This gives a family feel, which is great to be a part of.

Share with us one thing your Anderson colleagues wouldn’t know about you?

My love for space and wanting to become an astronaut.

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