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Changing-up: Anderson revitalised

I hope this bulletin finds you and your families safe and well, and that you’re all managing the demands of the latest lockdown.

I want to take this opportunity to express my personal sympathies to all of those within our ranks and beyond who have been adversely affected by the pandemic – and especially those who have lost loved ones over the past year.

With that said, after a challenging 10 months, our collective efforts to go above and beyond over the past year have not just ensured the company’s survival, but have led to its growth – and for that, I am extremely grateful to you all.

Our business, founded by our Chairman Mark Anderson in 1987, has come a long way. Strong and consistent growth led by Mark built a strong and resilient company, which allowed him to look to the future and drive the business on.  To manage this progress, Mark knew he needed to establish a more recognisably corporate structure and consequently brought Andrew Short into the business in 2006 and me a year later. Between us, we took what was essentially a family business with incredibly strong core values and forged it into a competitive corporate entity.

Despite setbacks caused by the credit crunch of 2008/9/10, Anderson continued to grow and develop. To keep moving forward, we trained-up and developed our own people, while continuing to bring new members into the team.

To maintain and enhance this progress, I have over the past two years felt we needed to revitalise the business, without reinventing it. After much careful thought and consideration, earlier this month we actioned my decision to demarcate the two core elements of our business, construction and development, and promote managing directors to both divisions. The two promotions were internal, with Steve Howe stepping up to the role of Managing Director of our construction business and Glenn Potter to the role of Managing Director of our development business.

Glenn Potter & Steve Howe
Glenn Potter                                                          Steve Howe

To afford Steve and Glenn the autonomy their new titles warrant, my role has changed to Chief Executive Officer and they will both report into me. In turn, Andrew Short and I will report directly to Mark Anderson.

Each year sales and construction revenues from our development sites and our partnership projects exceed £70m. To ensure this is well managed Sean Emmett and Darren Carter’s roles have changed to Group Partnerships Director and Group Sales Director respectively. Meanwhile, Darren Carter remains director of our very important plant business, MAP. Mark Aldridge will also take on a more prominent role in our business financial planning, management and development.

Along with these changes, we’ve made several other much-deserved promotions, of which we will update you further in the February edition of this bulletin.

Although only implemented three weeks ago, I’ve been incredibly impressed at how quickly these new structures have bedded in. In my mind, Anderson’s rock-solid culture of capability, capacity, expertise and ethics has been evidenced by the pace at which these changes have been rolled out, adopted and implemented. Plus, everyone in the business now knows where they stand and to whom they report, safe in the knowledge that we all support each other. As mentioned, my aim was to revitalise the business, not reinvent it, to ensure that we are truly fit for today and ahead of the game for tomorrow.

Having communicated the new direction of the business to our long-term partners and clients, I’ve been overwhelmed by the blanket positive response. For example, Sean Quinn, Projects Director of Taylor Wimpey London (TWL), replied saying, “You have two stand out assets in Steve and Glenn and I know from experience of working with them, they will safely deliver your future plans.” This sentiment was echoed by TWL’s Managing Director Peter Gore, who remarked, “It’s encouraging to hear key people within Anderson are being rewarded as part of its growth.”

Elsewhere, Lee Barnard, Group Managing Director of Hopkins Homes, said, “Great to see these internal promotions as a result of growth, which are even more impressive given the COVID climate we all continue to trade in.”

Once again, I would like to thank all our staff, clients and partners for your ongoing support during this recent period of change. Although forces beyond our control means uncertainty remains a given for 2021, I genuinely feel, and hope you do too, that Anderson is now in its strongest position ever.

As we move ever more into the digital age, this monthly bulletin will be the main way in which we communicate with you. Alongside the bulletin, we will soon be publishing an all-new Anderson magazine three times a year. The first edition will be out this April.

Finally, I would just like to say thank you again for your ongoing hard work and commitment to Anderson.


Andrew Jay
Chief Executive Officer