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Foundation boosts coffers of charities with a personal connection

The Anderson Charitable Foundation held a fundraiser that scooped an incredible £168,000 for charities with a personal connection to their staff.

The organisation, which was founded by Mark Anderson, chairman of Anderson, arranged the lunch in aid of seven charities.

Causes with personal connections

Among these was the Helen Rollason Cancer Trust, a charity which provides complementary therapies and counselling for cancer patients and has provided support to Jo Hammond.

At 49, Jo, wife of Anderson Training Manager Steve Hammond, was diagnosed with an advanced, aggressive, squamous cell cancer of the bladder.

Long-serving Steve said: “The Trust has been a huge comfort to us while we have come to terms with Jo’s diagnosis. We are utterly thrilled that the Anderson Charitable Foundation has picked the charity as one to support.

“The company really values its staff – and their families – and this is testament to that ethos.”

The lunch event also raised money for Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) UK, a charity that supports another long-term employee of Anderson – Sian Harding.

Sian, Operations Manager of the Plant Business, suffers from the condition. It is a rare but potentially life-threatening hereditary illness – causing episodes of swelling and bouts of excruciating abdominal pain.

Sian said: “HAE UK started as a small patient group in October 2010 but became a registered charity in 2013. It has proved to be a lifeline.

“It’s wonderful that we have been able to donate such a large sum to such a small organisation. It will make a massive difference to all they can do to support people just like me.”

Charitable endeavours

Hundreds of people bought tables to attend The Anderson Foundation Christmas luncheon and take part in an auction.

In total, £168,000 was raised.

Andrew Jay, CEO of Anderson, said: “Every year we tend to support different charities but this year we decided to split the money between seven very worthy charities, some of which had personal connections to us as a team.

“People are our most valuable asset at Anderson – we put them front and centre of everything we do. To be able to tie in our charity work with certain members of our team has meant a great deal to us.”

The sentiment was echoed by Chairman Mark Anderson.

He said: “We tend to keep the works of the foundation very separate from the running of the business but on this occasion, we have been thrilled that there has been some synergy in what we stand for as a company – and what we hope to achieve through our charitable endeavours.”