Through our development and contracting divisions, Anderson has entered into a number of highly successful partnerships.

We have relationships with insurance brokers such as Aston Lark, with investment and compliancy operators such as Bakertilly and ICG and with global real estate services and investment firms such as CBRE.

We also work closely with specialist engineering consultancies like GB Card & Partners which help us deliver solutions to challenging civil and environmental engineering problems on site, and with civil engineering consultants Stomor.

Their services extend from preliminary site feasibility advice and technical investigations, through to detailed civil engineering infrastructure design for construction.

In addition, we have a longstanding relationship with architecture practice Pollard Thomas Edwards which specialises in the design of homes, neighbourhoods, public and mixed-use buildings and with TateHindle Architects which is a master at innovative new builds and the sensitive restoration of listed buildings.

Our partners also include businesses such as London and Quadrant, one of the UK’s leading housing charities and developers.

Most recently we joined forces with L&Q to deliver The Quarry – an ambitious development of 849 architecturally innovative new homes, a state-of-the-art primary school for 630 children and a 12-acre ecology centre.

We have also worked together on the Barking Riverside Envac vacuum waste collection system.

This is a revolutionary new technology that features a network of vacuum sealed pipes running under a 180-hectare development, into which rubbish and recycling is dropped at ground level to be transported at speeds of up to 40mph to a purpose-built refuse site.

Partnerships like these allow Anderson to expand its workforce, its skillset and operate collaboratively across a number of projects to increase value, meet specific objectives and create bespoke solutions.

These relationships feed into our “Building Value Together” ethos – and allow us to continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

Neil Davis, Director of Delivery at L&Q

At L&Q, we believe that people’s health, security, and happiness depend on where they live. Anderson shares that commitment, and testament to that is the positive feedback from residents, as well as our numerous award wins for our joint venture partnership at The Quarry. Effective partnership has been crucial to the delivery of this development, and we hope that The Quarry is the first of many future projects to come with Anderson.

Neil Davis, Director of Delivery at L&Q

We are extremely proud of our long-term partnerships with these organisations and that together, we can create incredible new communities.

Below are just a few of the companies with whom we work…