Wycke Place, Maldon

Occupying an area of 74 acres, Wycke Place is situated on the southern edge of Maldon, Essex, just over a mile from the bustling town centre.

When completed, the Crest Nicholson development will be made up of 400+ houses, commercial space and amenity areas.

Since February of 2018, Anderson has been assisting Crest on design and budget proposals, while attending to Crest’s archaeological consultants and undertaking various exploratory works across the Phase 1 area.

Initial works include…

  • The S278 package comprised of formation of two new site accesses (Western & Eastern) serving the development
  • Widening of the existing Maldon Road, new footpath and carriageways installation / kerb re-alignment, kerb replacement, improvements to various private accesses, highway drainage and island installation
  • Upgrading of street lighting and associated furniture
  • Constructing the Adoptable Carriageways continuing from the Eastern bellmouth formed within the S278 package to serve plots 1 & 2, which are the sales centre and show home.
  • Phase 1 works include complete construction of all works to plots 3 – 106, including external finishes and soft landscaping.
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